Snowball, Mei’s Robot from Overwatch

I’ve been looking to up my 3D print finishing skills. A friend of mine is planning to cosplay as Mei. Project begun. She said she wanted it life-sized, so I went on-line to see if there were some completed projects. What I found were a bunch of people doing more electronics than I was really […]

A Gandalf Hat

My father is Santa Claus. I’m not even close to kidding. Not only does he LOOK like Santa (has since I was in High School), but he’s gone to Santa School (yes, that’s a thing), works with charities year-round, and spends many of his evenings during the holidays bringing joy to families and parties to […]

Why Space Visualizations Are Hard

Space visualizations… They’re always popular, they’re interesting to do and they’re always hard. The objects we’re looking at are almost incomprehensibly large, except when compared to the distances at play. Because the differences are so great, you’re usually left to either model the proper distances, or the proper sizes, but not both. I hadn’t seen […]

Neon Challenge Dev Blog

Overview Team Just me, since I’m using this as a learning experience. I’m a software developer, mostly focused on Augmented and Virtual reality research, with some Machine Learning and art thrown in to keep things interesting.   Assets Used Unity Standard Assets Post-Processing Stack V2 Volumetric Lighting / Fog Unity Particle Pack SciFi Enemies and […]

The 3 Hour Hammock Stand

I’ve always wanted a hammock stand, and the prices for such things are a bit over the top. This build took me 3 hours from first cut to cleanup (I’m comfortable with my tools, though nowhere near as good as my father, your timing may vary). That does not include shopping (getting decently straight lumber at […]

Personalized Thimble

For Christmas, I wanted to make my mom a custom thimble with her name, and the opening of her favorite music (in this case, the Brahms Requiem). I’m not a blender guru (almost nobody is, really). So, much of this post is me referencing other work and tutorials which showed me how to get things […]

Adaptive Input

My girlfriend works with lots of special needs children. Amongst them is a particular student that has some significant challenges communicating. He can’t speak, or effectively control his arms or hands. In fact, the only things he can move with reliability and accuracy are his feet. His teacher had a pair of accessibility buttons that she […]