Nuka-Cola Bottle Cap

This was a quick & dirty project, that turned out perfect first-shot. It started with a side-trip to a “Paint Your Own Pottery” place with the kids. When I saw the unpainted bottle cap, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My office mate and I have a Fallout theme, so I figured a Nuka-Cola bottle cap was perfect. I wanted it to attach to my desk, but not just sit flat on my desk top, so I’d have to rig some kind of stand for it.
Unfortunately, my family and I didn’t have a ton of time at the PYOP store. I spent most of my time helping my kids with their pieces. I knew I could finish the project later with other tools, so I just painted it red, and called it a day.


The pottery piece has a 3 cm diameter hole in the back. My idea for a stand was straightforward: Create a C shape that will attach to my desk, and have a L shaped piece attached to it, which can fit inside the pottery. The clip had to be narrower than 3cm, so that it’d fit in the hole easily, and the piece wasn’t pivoting on the clip arm.


Here’s the clip in Blender: 3 cm deep, 2 cm wide, with a inside vertical gap of 3 cm to fit my desk. 2.5 mm thickness all the way around. The arm is set at 45 degrees in relation to the body.


Here’s the clip, fresh off the 3D printer. I printed using an Ultimaker 2 at the fastest settings, since the clip will be completely hidden in most viewing scenarios finish was completely unimportant. The part was printed in the orientation shown to maximize strength against the stresses it’d most likely encounter


Here’s the clip inside the pottery piece. It’s not an amazing piece of engineering, but it’s simple, was fast to design, easy to print, and worked first try. That’s good enough for me!

Instead of trying to replicate the text myself, I did a quick search for “Nuka Cola SVG” and found a file better than what I could have created in the time I had. All I needed to do was scale it, and use the vinyl cutter to make my sticker.


This particular clear transfer tape didn’t do a great job. It was too sticky; the sticker wanted to stay on it instead of transferring to the bottle cap. With the help of a dental pick, I was able to get it laid on the cap without too much distortion.


So there it is! All the parts. The clip slides perfectly on my desk, and the pottery is secure hanging on it. Not bad for a few spare minutes here & there.



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